November 4, 2014

Nism Ski Bikes Preseason Sale ’14!

Nism Ski Bikes is pleased to announce their preseason sale going from November 3rd-15th for 10% off retail price. Their new product line of complete ski bikes as well as frames, skis and clothing are included in the sale! Enter coupon code “PRESEASON14” when checking out on!

Nism Ski Bikes offers a new winter experience for BMX and Dirt Jump mountain bike riders. The Icepick BMX bike and the Frostbite DJ bike provide an easy transition from normal riding to hitting the slopes. To see how the bikes perform on the snow check out their video with pro team riders Aaron Chase and Adam Hauck. (

Nism Ski Bikes was founded in 2011 by riders who did not want to quit just because the snow was on the ground. They are the only ski bike company that is committed to keeping a true bike feel on the snow as well as offering complete BMX and DJ specific bikes. All of their frames and skis are manufactured in the United States for uncompromising product quality. To learn more about the company check out!